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Healing with frequencies

Healing with frequencies Hard to relate to as you stub your toe on an apparently solid wall and experience the vividly real pain that follows, I know, but the fantastic conclusion of centuries of science and millennia of spiritual knowledge is basically the same: we are living inside a gigantic hologram made of vibrating energy and controlled by consciousness.

Fortunately you don’t need to fully wrap your head around these ideas to benefit from them. If you can go as far as knowing that vibration is a key ingredient in who we are as physical beings,then we can move on to how this helps us to understand the healing process.

If our body is vibrating energy then what ails our bodies is also vibrating energy. If what ails us is vibrating energy then we can safely assume what will help heal is also vibrating energy – simple really.

Before we go any further, one piece of information is key:

The one being healed does all healing.

No matter what you throw at a person’s mind body or spirit, whether that person changes or heals is ultimately decided and instigated by that person. With this fact in mind, any healer – animal ,vegetable or mineral is a resource.

Any kind of healer assists the process of healing by offering frequencies.

From the mineral kingdom the healers are primarily crystals. This is because they vibrate at vey useful frequencies, which our systems can use to help rid us of our dis-ease. Crystals can also learn frequencies from us using technology and the power of intent – so making them more useful for a specific person or condition. Crystals can work directly in the human energy field, be boosted with orgone technology, or offer their frequencies indirectly through a gem-elixir.

From the vegetable kingdom we have herbs and plants, which have their own inherent rates of vibration which by accident or design (I’ll let you decide which) match up with the frequencies of our ailments. Plants often have useful chemical effects as well, which work to soothe symptoms, but the real value is offering a frequency resource to get to the root of the problem.

From the animal kingdom it is we and our pets that help each other heal. At the simplest level this happens when we express the vibration of love. If we gift somebody with love, then that person has the opportunity to feel loveable and worthy of self-healing back to health. It is surely the feeling of being unloved and unworthy that is behind much of the dis-ease in our world.

At a more involved level, a healer can offer himself or herself as a conduit for Universal energy to flow through them into the person being healed. The intelligence behind that energy flowing is what provides the necessary frequencies to resource healing.

Whichever resource resonates with you- animal, vegetable, or mineral – I hope you find your frequencies to bring you to complete health.

With love,


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