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How can I have Energetic balance when surrounded by Energetic chaos?

How can I have Energetic balance when surrounded by Energetic chaos?

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Because everything is energy, because we are made of energy we are connected to every-one and everything. This means that we can easily be affected when there is energetic imbalance in the places or people around us.

When we have an energetic imbalance or even dis-ease if it caused by an external source any amount of work we do on ourselves will be useless unless we address this.

Energetic imbalance can be caused by electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, historically disturbed energy – battles, arguments, murders, or any kind of human suffering. Imbalances can be caused by people we interact with in our everyday lives. Their moods, words and actions affect us energetically. Families despite loving them very much can affect us the most. Because we care about them our energetic connection is stronger. Harsh words with a stranger will not make us feel the same as harsh words with a spouse, partner or kid.

Keeping the energy around us harmonious is as important as keeping our inner, personal energy in balance. We can’t afford to bounce off the walls of life energetically. It makes us unhappy and unwell.

There is lots of advice on how to deal with this. Some good some near impossible. “Walk away from negative people” or “Clear negative people out of your life” – great if it is strangers or even friends but what about family. If you have teenage kids or elderly relatives you will know a bit about negativity. You can hardly up sticks and say fare- thee-well can you? Life isn’t as simple as some of the self-help gurus portray.

So what can we do in our own highest interest? Be conscious. Take note of what is around us, where we live and work. Be aware of the people too and how we are interacting with them. Always taking a step back and trying to observe. Seeing when someone wants to rob us of our energy. When we can that is, but in our busy lives we are so occupied multi-tasking that often we miss the sign-posts and then end up lost – energetically.

Seventy odd years ago Wilhelm Reich believed that if he could move and balance energy he would improve people’s lives. He was ahead of his time in the West. Now that the quantum physicists are confirming that everything is Energy his work is now being recognised, appreciated and put to good use.

Orgonite, a derivative of his work, is the basis of all our technology. We have also added two other technologies to it and then embedded Scalar waves which makes them very powerful energy balancing tools.

So - wearing a Nu-Me pendant takes the effort out of staying well and balanced when all around you is in energetic chaos!



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