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E.Ts Endorse Nu-Me Pendant With Crop Circle!

E.Ts Endorse Nu-Me Pendant With Crop Circle! If you have read some of my earlier blogs you will know that I am pretty sure that we are not alone in the Universe. As this is now the majority view, apparently, I am becoming bolder in my proclamations.

Crop circles are my favorite art form and I keep up-to-date with the latest additions. There are, of course, many views as to who forms them and how. All I can say is that the men with planks idea is daft (except for the odd simple fake) and I have seen video of little energy / light orbs flying around creating these artworks. I certainly believe these are E.T controlled and are being used as a way to educate us at some level.

Anyway, I have been asking these guys if they would help us with our marketing for some time now and up-to-now they have been silent. I just tried not to take it personally and carried on as before :-(

Until today! They have answered my call and plastered a massive endorsement of the Nu-Me pendant on the fields of my mother country!

Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 13th July.

crop circle pendant endorsement

In case you have been followed a link and don’t know who we are or anything about our products here is a picture of our Nu-Me pendant:

alien-endorsed pendant

The spiral on the face is a very simple labyrinth and has some exceptional energetic properties in that it promotes a vortex - very useful in the function of our protective pendants.

Of course we didn’t invent this spiral so there is a small chance the Extra Terrestrials aren’t actually endorsing our products but I know which story I prefer!

We have, of course, many miniature souvenir versions of this crop circle available as part of a very effective protective / healing pendant: link

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