QTB Connection - Free energy healing

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I think I've only been on this for a week or so and I can literally feel something shift. It's amazing, at first a little powerful (I must have had a lot of junk to clear) and I got a little light headed but now it's just so calming and things just seem to be falling into place now and I feel awesome. Thank you for this unique program." Erin Dawborn Australia

We were born for it – harmony. We were programmed this way to interact with ourselves and others. But when we become re-programmed by the standards of others as small children that harmony was replaced by dis-ease,conflict, and wars. 

The time is now right to climb out of the black hole creation has slid into and take back our creative power- to unify mankind and all living things again. It starts, of course, with ourselves.

If Science and metaphysics can now agree that we and all things in our existence, are vibrating energy, then it is simple – we need to all be vibrating at the same frequency. Then miracles can happen. Peace reigns once again – within and without. 

Science and inspiration has given us a machine, The Quantum TrailBlazer, known affectionately as the QTB, to do just that – bring all things together – in healing and harmony. We have been shown a way to do this remotely using the QTB. To be part of the QTB Connection sessions is very simple taking only as much effort as you want to add to its power. Remember we are always ultimately in control and the QTB sessions are a very powerful resource to help us achieve what we want and need.


How the QTB Connect sessions work.

Daily at 7pm, New Zealand time, the QTB machine will be switched on and run through a series of scalar frequencies including the solfeggio. As times around the world are different you will need to check your local time if you want to “tune” into the healing at that time, for part or the whole hour if you have time. Follow this link to find your local time

Quietly let your focus go within yourself and imagine yourself becoming part of “all that is”. This isn’t necessary but the power of your connection will amplify and speed up our joint objective - that we and all things can be as we were meant to be. Whole, at one. Together we can create change – and miracles. 

Lofty goals – but achievable together.

What we can gain from QTB connection: 

• Accelerate your own physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey. 
• Be part of the healing journey of others. 
• Help heal and protect your pets and all living creatures. 
• Be part of the healing and preservation of our beautiful planet Earth. 
• Contribute to bringing our oneness with all galaxies and their inhabitants 
• Help resolve all conflicts – domestic, National, international and universal. 
• Work with *scalar (life-energy) frequencies from the QTB machine towards the energetic unity, and healing of all things. So all can be as it was meant to be, and can be. 

*Scalar waves are vibrating life-energy which is the building block of all life. 


Donations only

There is no charge for being part of QTB Connect although if you want to add extra energetic weight and dimension to our goals you can make a donation. These will be used to pay minimal maintenance costs. Our time is free and gratefully given. All the rest will be donated to The Prem Rawat Foundation who strives to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. www.tprf.org

Receipts will be issued by PayPal. 

We will keep you informed about donations to The Prem Rawat Foundation quarterly in the QTB update which will be sent to you by email together with all the news/information, yours and ours about The QTB Connection program.  


Joining The QTB Connection Program

It's easy. Fill in the form below by either printing it or replicating it by hand. You will need a photo of yourself and a few strands of hair or a nail clipping if you want to improve the connection and accelerate the healing. 

When we have received your photo and details we will send you an email to confirm that you are included in the QTB Connection program. 

Get the form here:


If you don't have a printer we need half an A4 sheet with your last name, first name, email, and a stuck on photo and some hair/nail clippings.

Click on the image and follow instructions to download.

Please spread the word about QTB Connect so that we can have as many people working with us as possible.

"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. " Albert Einstein